300 Ways to Say You’re Stupid

Stupid person had financial problems

When I launched this blog, it was a big step to reveal that I screwed up financially by loaning money to a relative.

I didn’t think there were three hundred ways for total strangers to remind me.

HuffPost Live contacted me to appear on a segment, “How to Say No to a Family Bailout.”

Look for me at the beginning of the 20-minute segment and at approximately 6:20, 9:36, 12:54, and 15:22:

The Huffington Post then posted a short article, My Ex-Husband Depleted My Life Savings, with excerpts from the video.

And out came the trolls! Nearly 300 comments!

The overwhelming majority said it was my fault, I had no one to blame but myself, and I deserved what I got.

They described me as stupid, dumb, a fool, a sucker, an imbecile, an idiot, a slow learner, a not very bright lady, a dumb broad, and a “a sandwich or two short of a picnic.”

The article was on the HuffPo Divorce page. Evidently it hit a nerve with lots of angry, spiteful, bitter people.

Fortunately I have thick skin.

Some shared their own stories.  A few recognized why I tell my story – because I try to help people avoid making similar mistakes.

Readers disagreed about whether married couples should have separate or joint bank accounts — an eternal topic of discussion in personal finance.

If you’ve got a true story to add to this blog about a disaster that happened when you mixed your family and finances, tell me confidently about Your Experiences. I change all names and identifying details.

And I’ll never call you “stupid.”

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  1. People don’t want to admit their own screw ups. Kudos to you for being brave enough to tell your story.

  2. People are so cruel when they feel they can get away with it. Good on you for sharing your story. You probably helped a lot of people.

    • Hi Nicole!

      You are right that it’s easier for people to be critical when they can hide behind the anonymity of the Internet with fake names and avatars!

      I hope to help a lot more people when my “tell-all” book is published in November 2014. It includes the stories of dozens of other people and their fiascos when they mixed money with their personal relationships.

      Thanks for stopping by!