About Valerie Rind

My dirty little secret.

Few people other than close friends and family knew I suffered a financial disaster after loaning money to my husband’s start-up. Plus, I discovered a shocking secret he kept for a decade.

I felt stupid, ashamed, and embarrassed.

However, not only did I survive this debacle, but my experiences led to new careers in personal finance and writing.

I published a book of stories that real people shared with me, Gold Diggers and Deadbeat Dads: True Stories of  Friends, Family, and Financial Ruin, available at Amazon, on the iBookstore, and at Barnes & Noble for Nook

Gold Diggers and Deadbeat Dads won the 2015 Plutus Award for Best New Personal Finance Book.

So how did I get here?

During a hiatus from a corporate career, I created and directed a pilot personal finance program for 500 low-income individuals.

I served as one of the founding volunteer moderators on the myFICO community forum.

Modern Times.

Today I’m a freelance writer on personal finance and lifestyle topics. I’ve been featured in Forbes, Time/Money, Fortune, MSN Money, GOBankingRates, PBS/Next Avenue, and other fine media outlets.

The rest of my resume is a checkerboard.

I’ve had gigs like sailing Caribbean yachts and negotiating megabucks contracts for a Fortune 200 technology company.

Irrelevant credentials.

I have a BA in Russian Language & Literature from Duke University, and an LLB and Masters of Law degrees from the University of Sydney. Yes, in Australia.

I  have no interest in coffee but a passion for Twizzlers red licorice.

Author photograph by Carl Bower