Is Your State a Hotbed for Gold Diggers?

Look out for gold diggers

Many years after his first wife died of cancer, Jack, a successful orthopedist in Phoenix, married Kristin. After being alone for so long, Jack was overjoyed to have a new beginning with this intelligent, charming woman.

But Kristin had her own secret plans. She knew she landed a good catch who had worked hard his whole life to build a profitable medical practice. She wanted a chunk of the gold – fast.

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Why Not to Co-Sign a Lease With Your Lover

 Don't co-sign an apartment lease with your loverDo you plan to co-sign a lease? Think carefully. Candace told me about her experiences co-signing a lease that went horribly wrong.

First, she was duped by her boyfriend Enrique who wanted to “pamper her” and “take care of everything financially.”

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I Shopped and Spent My Son’s College Tuition

She went shopping and spent her son's college tuition moneyIf you’re looking for a lecture about the evils of overspending, this ISN’T it.

I’m also NOT going to offer techniques to pay off credit card debt.

Instead, I want to tell you a story about the impact that debt had on a family, from the point of view of the husband/father.

When Harry married Regina, he knew she had over $28,000 in credit card debt. Regina worked, but she loved shopping and giving lavish gifts to her many friends and family. Nothing changed after they married; she routinely charged up big credit card bills and Harry paid them.

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