One Book, Three Opinions


Gold Diggers and Deadbeat Dads: True Stories of Friends, Family, and Financial Ruin was published just a week ago!

I’m thrilled that three writers instantly wrote book reviews on their blogs, each from an entirely different perspective.

Accomplished personal finance writer Julie Rains took a unique religious look at how money can ruin relationships on her inspiring blog, Working to Live.

Free to Pursue‘s author F2P, an avid reader of many genres, somehow found time to write her review titled “Infidelity of a Different Kind That Can Hurt Just as Much.”

Doug Nordman of The Military Guide, who is a noted expert on all issues where money and military service collide, wrote the best one-line summary: “The book is a voyeuristic, slow-motion-train-wreck, schadenfreude read.”

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Is Your State a Hotbed for Gold Diggers?

Look out for gold diggers

Many years after his first wife died of cancer, Jack, a successful orthopedist in Phoenix, married Kristin. After being alone for so long, Jack was overjoyed to have a new beginning with this intelligent, charming woman.

But Kristin had her own secret plans. She knew she landed a good catch who had worked hard his whole life to build a profitable medical practice. She wanted a chunk of the gold – fast.

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Gambling Losses and Financial Infidelity are No Big Deal

Gambling money losses







Briana knows that there are two sides to the story when a marriage fails.

“In my world, I was always right,” she told me. “David gambled away our future. In his mind — I ran our company into the ground.”

I asked Briana what she knew about David’s finances before they married.

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