I Handed All My Money to the Handyman

loaned moneyWhy did an intelligent woman loan nearly all her money to a guy who was only in the Friend Zone?

There aren’t any easy or obvious answers.

Quite often we don’t understand why we do certain things with money.

Spend. Save. Earn. Waste. Loan. Borrow. Invest. Donate. Hide. Hoard. Give. Take. Splurge. Keep.

There’s a complicated hodge-podge of emotions behind every financial decision we make.

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Gambling Losses and Financial Infidelity are No Big Deal

Gambling money losses







Briana knows that there are two sides to the story when a marriage fails.

“In my world, I was always right,” she told me. “David gambled away our future. In his mind — I ran our company into the ground.”

I asked Briana what she knew about David’s finances before they married.

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They Filed Bankruptcy Because He Gambled and Snorted All Their Money

They had to file for bankruptcy because he gambled and did drugs and they lost all their moneyElise didn’t have a clue when she married Jon that he had an insatiable appetite for betting on the horses and snorting cocaine. She never dreamed that they’d file for bankruptcy after a few years together.

They got married when they were in their early 30s, and Jon encouraged Elise to quit her job when their daughter Carla was born. Transitioning to full-time motherhood was difficult. Elise struggled with being alone all day with a baby and worried about her parenting abilities.

Jon disappeared for hours at a time and Elise did not know what he was doing. When confronted, he always had some work-related excuse. Jon’s stories seemed a bit lame to Elise, but he always had an explanation when she questioned him a bit more closely.

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