Too Much Power in Your Power of Attorney?

Elder financial abuse victim who gave a power of attorney to her daughter

A divorced, unemployed auto mechanic in his mid-fifties, Daniel told me a whopping combination of inheritance and elder abuse stories. He uncovered the disturbing details when he moved back home to Baltimore after losing his job in Atlanta.

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When You Die, You’re No Longer a Person

Die, death, and dying

A dear friend was admitted to the ICU at a local hospital after an arduous battle with cancer. Her family lives on the West Coast and told me the doctors didn’t think she’d make it. I rushed  to the hospital and sat with her for a few hours as she drifted in and out of consciousness. I’d like to think she knew I was there.

Early the next morning, I called the hospital to find out her condition. “We don’t have a patient by that name, ” they told me

“Of course you do. I was at her bedside a few hours ago,” I said, a bit annoyed about the bureaucratic inefficiencies.

My call was transferred to the medical unit where they told me she had been discharged. “Of course she wasn’t.” Now I was really annoyed. “She didn’t just walk out of there,” I snapped.

When you die in the hospital

I tried, but I couldn’t deny the awful truth. My friend had passed away. I was the last person to see her alive, other than the medical staff. Now there was no record of her being a patient in the hospital.

When you die, you’re no longer a person.

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You’re in a coma: What are the financial consequences?

What happens to your finances if you're in a comaIt could never happen to you.

Are you sure?

A friend of mine had a freak accident and is in a deep coma. The doctors don’t know what his future holds. Family and friends are shocked, saddened, and fearful. His wife is in denial.

Beyond the emotional devastation, there are questions and potentially severe financial repercussions to consider.

Put yourself in his flimsy hospital slippers and read on.

If he dies

Does he have a will?  If not, it will take a lot of time, work, and money for his wife to take care of his estate. She’ll have to deal with courts, lawyers, family, friends, business associates, and creditors.

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