300 Ways to Say You’re Stupid

Stupid person had financial problems

When I launched this blog, it was a big step to reveal that I screwed up financially by loaning money to a relative.

I didn’t think there were three hundred ways for total strangers to remind me.

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Why Not to Co-Sign a Lease With Your Lover

 Don't co-sign an apartment lease with your loverDo you plan to co-sign a lease? Think carefully. Candace told me about her experiences co-signing a lease that went horribly wrong.

First, she was duped by her boyfriend Enrique who wanted to “pamper her” and “take care of everything financially.”

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My Co-Worker Worked Me Over and Left Me In Debt

Co-worker ripped me off and left me in debt She became ensnared in a co-worker’s web of debt.

It started with $5 or $10 cash loans for his lunch money and ended with her getting stuck with astronomical debt charges for a rental car.

Sheila had her first supervisory position at a call center where the management/staff lines were a bit blurry. She was friendly with one of her subordinates, a married man named Tim, although their relationship was strictly platonic.

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