Don’t Let Money Pulverize Your Blended Family

A blended family may fight about inheritances and moneyAfter the divorce or death of a parent, the family may grow and reshape like an amoeba as the parents re-marry, bring existing kids into the mix and create more offspring. Their children grow up and may marry, have their own kids, and the family tree gets ever more complex.

HuffPost Divorce has a “Blended Family Friday” series that profiles successful amalgamations where the parents offer advice about how to make it work.

What about when it all goes wrong?

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I Loaned and Lost $5,000. I’m Not Rich. So Why Was it No Big Deal?

I loaned money to my sister Ken is not rich.

He’s a practical, budget-conscious research analyst in his 50s. The last person I thought would be featured in one of my “stories.” You’d never pick him as a fellow member of the Oooops-I-Screwed-Up-When-I-Loaned-Money-to-a-Relative Club.

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I Lied About Money and Got Away With It

Lied and got away with itCarolina told me about her college roommate, Alice, who lied to her and to her own mother. Alice told Carolina a sob story that Alice’s mother had cancer and she needed to borrow $5,500 from Carolina just for 2 weeks until she got her student loan funds. Carolina did not have a lot of spare cash, but she thought it was justifiable to give her roommate a short-term loan for such an important cause.

But Alice lied. She never repaid the $5,500 to Carolina, never paid any rent, and her mother didn’t even have cancer.

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