Is Your State a Hotbed for Gold Diggers?

Look out for gold diggers

Many years after his first wife died of cancer, Jack, a successful orthopedist in Phoenix, married Kristin. After being alone for so long, Jack was overjoyed to have a new beginning with this intelligent, charming woman.

But Kristin had her own secret plans. She knew she landed a good catch who had worked hard his whole life to build a profitable medical practice. She wanted a chunk of the gold – fast.

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My Co-Worker Worked Me Over and Left Me In Debt

Co-worker ripped me off and left me in debt She became ensnared in a co-worker’s web of debt.

It started with $5 or $10 cash loans for his lunch money and ended with her getting stuck with astronomical debt charges for a rental car.

Sheila had her first supervisory position at a call center where the management/staff lines were a bit blurry. She was friendly with one of her subordinates, a married man named Tim, although their relationship was strictly platonic.

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I Lied About Money and Got Away With It

Lied and got away with itCarolina told me about her college roommate, Alice, who lied to her and to her own mother. Alice told Carolina a sob story that Alice’s mother had cancer and she needed to borrow $5,500 from Carolina just for 2 weeks until she got her student loan funds. Carolina did not have a lot of spare cash, but she thought it was justifiable to give her roommate a short-term loan for such an important cause.

But Alice lied. She never repaid the $5,500 to Carolina, never paid any rent, and her mother didn’t even have cancer.

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