Is Your State a Hotbed for Gold Diggers?

Look out for gold diggers

Many years after his first wife died of cancer, Jack, a successful orthopedist in Phoenix, married Kristin. After being alone for so long, Jack was overjoyed to have a new beginning with this intelligent, charming woman.

But Kristin had her own secret plans. She knew she landed a good catch who had worked hard his whole life to build a profitable medical practice. She wanted a chunk of the gold – fast.

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The World’s Most Callous Deadbeat Dad

Deadbeat dadBethany and I had lunch in a cafe near San Diego. Her cousin took Chrystal, Bethany’s six-year old daughter, to play in the park while Bethany and I chatted about Chrystal’s deadbeat daddy.

On a rebound from a failed relationship, Bethany met Dwayne at a bar when she was in her early 30s. After they spent just one night together, she got pregnant.

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Gambling Losses and Financial Infidelity are No Big Deal

Gambling money losses







Briana knows that there are two sides to the story when a marriage fails.

“In my world, I was always right,” she told me. “David gambled away our future. In his mind — I ran our company into the ground.”

I asked Briana what she knew about David’s finances before they married.

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Don’t be a Deadbeat Mom

Deadbeat mom neglected her childDeadbeat dads: we know them as the noncustodial fathers who fail to pay court-ordered child support.

What about deadbeat moms? Unfortunately, plenty of women neglect the basic daily needs of their kids.

Brian shared a detailed personal story with me about his son, Sean, whose life took a lot of unexpected parental twists over two decades.

When he was in his early twenties, Sean didn’t know what to do with his life, so he joined the Marines. He was an alcoholic and his drinking problem became worse while he was in the service, stationed at Quantico, Virginia. One drunken night, he met a drug addict named Linda at a local bar. Sean knew that she was married but slept around with other Marines and local guys. They had a short fling.

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How to Loan Money to a Friend

If you loan money, get collateral from the borrower like a piece of jewelryYes, you’re reading the title correctly.  It’s not “Don’t Loan Money.”

Traditional personal finance advisors say you should never loan money to friends or family members, right?

Count me in as a fully tenured professor in that School of Thought.

What if you decide to ignore the advice and become a lender?

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Don’t Let Money Pulverize Your Blended Family

A blended family may fight about inheritances and moneyAfter the divorce or death of a parent, the family may grow and reshape like an amoeba as the parents re-marry, bring existing kids into the mix and create more offspring. Their children grow up and may marry, have their own kids, and the family tree gets ever more complex.

HuffPost Divorce has a “Blended Family Friday” series that profiles successful amalgamations where the parents offer advice about how to make it work.

What about when it all goes wrong?

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How to Beat a Deadbeat

Deadbeat dadWant to get revenge against a deadbeat dad? “Out” him online!

I’ve found numerous websites, blogs, Facebook pages, and Twitter accounts that are devoted to shaming individual deadbeat dads and moms who fail to pay child support.  Below are two commercial services with different approaches.

DeadbeatDirectory.Com, with a logo that looks like a Grateful Dead image, wants to be “the #1 source for humiliating deadbeats of the world!”

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300 Ways to Say You’re Stupid

Stupid person had financial problems

When I launched this blog, it was a big step to reveal that I screwed up financially by loaning money to a relative.

I didn’t think there were three hundred ways for total strangers to remind me.

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Read True Credit Stories in All the Right Places

Stories about Credit and Personal FinanceLast month, I was fortunate that two great credit-related websites published my articles.

This website is chock full of informative articles and goodies for you such as a free credit report and score, plus tools to help you shop for credit cards, loans, and mortgages.

My comprehensive post, In a Coma & Going Broke, covered a wide range of issues about how death and disability can affect your finances.

There’s lots of food for thought on cheery topics, such as how to tell your family what you want them to do if you wind up in a coma, to the advantages of having long-term care insurance.

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Why Not to Co-Sign a Lease With Your Lover

 Don't co-sign an apartment lease with your loverDo you plan to co-sign a lease? Think carefully. Candace told me about her experiences co-signing a lease that went horribly wrong.

First, she was duped by her boyfriend Enrique who wanted to “pamper her” and “take care of everything financially.”

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